Current Event Homework/Newsela

World News Reports are current event short essays due twice each quarter to strengthen skills in the areas of reading, writing, summarizing, crafting an opinion with supporting details, and examining multiple perspectives. These reports also encourage students to stay informed of news happening around the world, and be critical researchers in understanding current issues.

Below are instructions students receive for each World News Report. Their reports are typed and submitted on Google Classroom (see that menu option for Google Classroom access).

Step One: Choose an article from Newsela (see link below to sign up) or a reputable news website, making sure to decide on one that is both interesting and challenging to you.

However, you can use articles from other sources, such as,,,

Step Two: Read and highlight the article, focusing on the following items:

Who was involved?

What happened?

Where did it happen?

Why did it happen, or why is it an important issue?

How did it come about, or how will people attempt to solve the issue?


Step Three: In the Google Classroom assignment, type a two-paragraph report.

First paragraph: Your summary/facts of the event or issue

Second paragraph: Summary of your opinion

Your report must be in Arial or Times New Roman, 12 or 14 point font, double space.

Check when done! Checklist: 4 Items (continued on back)
1. Header in right-hand corner: Your last name only on top line, page number on second line (To do this, go to “Insert” → “Header”). Make sure you choose sequential pages (1, 2, etc.).
2. Title of article in quotation marks on the top line with important words capitalized, and name of author or publishing company on the second line (both centered).
3. First paragraph summary of facts: 6-8 quality, complex sentences that include the who, what, where, when, why and how of what happened. Must also be fully edited.
4. Second paragraph opinion with supports: 6-8 quality, complex sentences that discuss the perspectives of the people involved in the article AND cover your own opinion. Your opinion must include reasonable support as to why you think the way you do. Must also be fully edited.


Score Summary Opinion Sentence Variety Editing
5 Summary explains key points in own words Opinion includes different perspectives as well as own with supportive reasoning Complex/variety of sentences used in most areas 0-3 editing errors
4 Summary missing 1-2 key points Opinion includes only ONE perspective AND own opinion Complex/variety of sentences used 3-4 times throughout report 4-5 editing errors
3 Summary missing 1-2 key points Opinion includes only one perspective OR own opinion Complex/variety of sentences used 1-2 times throughout report 6-7 editing errors
2 Summary missing more than 2 key points Opinion includes only own opinion Complex/variety of sentences not used in report 8 or more editing errors
1 or 0 Incomplete/missing report



Newsela is a website designed for students to read news articles adjusted at the appropriate reading level, but still rich in interest and content.  There may be occasions when we read the same article as a class to investigate and discuss. Although many times students will be choosing an article on their own, I would still like Newsela to be one of the sources considered.

Please go to this link to register with our class:

Newsela Signup Link

Click on this link to sign up for free access to numerous articles that are easily organized and that can be adjusted to fit your reading level (always choose at least slightly challenging!).

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