Week of March 2-6

Language Arts: We are starting our next Bernstein unit on Systems! Students are also working on their Novel Projects for the next checkpoint, which is Friday, March 6. Students must have 50% of their project complete for a full grade on this week’s checkpoint.

Social Studies: Students are learning about the Inca Empire, and will be working on an assignment in class with a partner to discover the system of roads and messengers the Incas used. The Inca Sheet is due Thursday, March 5 (in class).


Week of February 24-28

ALL Late Work & Regrades Due by

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 25th by 4:00 p.m.!

Language Arts: This week students will be working on the rough drafts/sketches of their Novel Projects, which are due for Checkpoint #2 on Friday, February 28th. Students should also be working on their Novel Projects at home. Students are also creating Biography Posters in class this week, which are due Friday, February 28th.

Social Studies: Students are learning about the Aztec Empire, and their Aztec Packet (green) is due Thursday, February 27th (in class). We also have a guest speaker, Cassandra Scholte (Tristan Jensen’s mom) about Mesoamerican Art on Friday, February 28th!

Week of February 18-21

Language Arts: Students will receive information about Novel Projects for 3rd quarter, and will write in their planners the checkpoints leading up to the final due date of Thursday, March 19th. Students will need to have a novel and project idea decided on by Friday, February 21. Also, we are working in class on the Biography Final Draft (Summative), which is due Friday, February 21 (Google Classroom).

Social Studies: Students are preparing and performing a play in class about different aspects of the Mayan civilization. Students have a Mayan Packet (pink, in class) due on Wednesday, February 19. Then, we will begin our studies of the Aztecs.

Week of February 10-14

Language Arts: Students are finishing up and turning in their Biography graphic organizers (bright green packets) in class on Thursday, February 13 (due date). Once students complete their graphic organizers, they will begin typing their Biography drafts on Google Classroom. Biography Final Drafts (on Google Classroom) will be due Friday, February 21.

Social Studies: Students are completing in class the Americas Map (Mayans, Aztecs, Incas), which is due Wednesday, February 12. Then we will start our study of the Mayans. Also, the February Current Event is due Friday, February 14 (in class/at home, on Google Classroom).

Week of February 3-7

Language Arts: After performing our historical women plays, students will be working on their Biography Graphic Organizers (bright green packet), due Wednesday, February 12 (formative grade). This will help students organize their information in an essay, and will also serve as a rough draft. We will work on this assignment in class, using our research information from the previous week.

Social Studies: West African Timebook Pages are due FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 7th (summative grade).