December Due Dates!

Before Winter Break, students will have the following reading schedule and assignments to turn in over the three-week period:

Week of December 2-6: I am Malala Chapters 11-19

Week of December 9-13: I am Malala Chapters 20-28

Week of December 16-20: I am Malala Chapters 29-36 (plus Epilogue)

  • Tuesday, December 10: Midterm for Quarter 2 (ALL late work and regrades due!)
  • Wednesday, December 11: Muslim Contributions/Crusades Packet
  • Friday, December 13: December Current Event (Google Classroom, at home)
  • Friday, December 20: I am Malala book completely read, with whole packet done (in class/at home)
  • Friday, December 20: Muslim Empire Timebook Pages (Google Classroom, in class/at home)