Week of September 30-October 4

Upcoming Due Dates!

  • Monday, September 30, 4 p.m.: All late work and regrades due for Progress Reports!
  • Wednesday, October 2: Narrative Final Draft Due (both in-class/at home, on Google Classroom)
  • Thursday, October 3: China Packet Due (green, in class)
  • Friday, October 4: Reading Log #2 Due (at home, on Google Classroom, and purple packet for reading minutes/parent signature)

Language Arts: After finishing up their narrative final drafts, students will have a Banned Book debate and discussion based on two articles:

Banned Books NY Times Article

Banned Books Washington Post Article

We are also starting our Bernstein unit on “The Lottery” by examining the painting “American Gothic” by Grant Wood.

Social Studies: Students will work on the green China packet in partners, which focuses on Imperial China dynasties, Chinese inventions, and China’s foreign relations during the Middle Ages.

Narrative Weekend!

I have talked to the students about the importance of talking with several people about their narratives for revisions and edits. If you have the time this weekend, please have a conversation with your child about his/her writing. Here are some revision talking points, and I am also attaching a link to the editing checklist! Thank you so much, and have an amazing weekend! –Kirsten

  • Easy to follow story, well organized
  • Sensory details, descriptions
  • Dialogue or thoughts
  • Creative or specific word choice
  • Active voice (limiting was/were when describing actions)
  • Creative title

Editing Checklist


Week of September 23-27

Upcoming Due Dates!


  • Monday, September 30: Personal Narrative Final Draft (in class/at home, on Google Classroom)
  • Thursday, October 3: China Packet (green, in class)
  • Friday, October 4: Reading Log #2 (in class/at home, on Google Classroom)

Language Arts: This week, students will be revising and editing their personal narratives, as well as take the Reading Comprehension version of the MAPS test. We will also be learning about the history of Banned Books (this is Banned Books week!) when we go to the library on Friday with Ms. Meier, our media specialist.

Social Studies: Students will learn about the different imperial dynasties in China during the Middle Ages, as well as Chinese inventions. Students will cite evidence for their responses from the textbook.

Week of September 16-20

Due Dates:

  • Tuesday, September 17: China Map (in class)
  • Thursday, September 19: Great Wall of China Questions (in class, on Google Classroom)
  • Friday, September 20: Reading Log #1 (at home, on Google Classroom)

Language Arts: Students will start typing their Narratives on Google Classroom, each day learning a different mini-lesson for their writing techniques.

Social Studies: Students will learn about China’s geography and its impact on its growth and culture. They will also learn about the role of the Great Wall in China’s history.

Week of September 9-13

Due Dates:

  • Monday, September 9: Current Event on Google Classroom

  • Thursday, September 12: Timebook Cover (in class)

  • Friday, September 20: Reading Log #1

Language Arts:

This week students will learn how to complete reading logs, as well as start work on the rough draft of their narrative essays.

Social Studies:

Students will debate cell phone use in schools, start work on their Timebooks by creating a cover, and learn the geography of China.

Week of September 3-6

Upcoming Due Dates:

  • Friday, September 6:

    • Turn in yellow parent sheet

    • Bring 5 “artifacts” to class (items that represent you!) in a bag

    • Submit 5 artifact paragraphs on Google Classroom for Language Arts grade

  • Monday, September 9:

    • Submit current event report on Google Classroom for Social Studies grade

    • Bring a choice reading book to class