Welcome to 7th Grade!

While this is my 20th year of teaching (wow, time flies!), I am excited to be returning for my second year at Jackson. I am hoping you, as second year Jackson students and parents, are feeling the same way! I am also feeling confident that this will be a meaningful, challenging, and inspiring year for your child. My hope is to help push all of us to be observant, inquisitive, and reflective of our readings and experiences! Thank you in advance for already having such a profound impact on your child’s learning at home and the experiences you provide for him/her.

What to expect from this website: There are menu options located above which direct you to major classroom tools and information. In addition, I will post objectives here at the beginning of each week, which means posting of classroom activities and assignments for both Language Arts and Social Studies. Our first week will include:

  • community building activities
  • going over the parent letter/packet
  • setting up spirals
  • discussing our reading preferences
  • examining a news article

I look forward to meeting all of you soon, and getting to know you more and more throughout the year!



Remember to bookmark this website! 🙂