Week 4: April 29-May 3

Reminder: ALL late work is due Tuesday, May 7th by 4:00 p.m. for Quarter 4 Progress Reports!!!

Language Arts: Students will turn in their Odes to an English Language system on Monday, April 29. Then they will create the last part of their Bernstein unit, which is a Mind Map of the English system, which is due Friday, May 3.

Social Studies: Students will work together in groups to prepare and perform skits based on different aspects of the Mayan, Aztec, and Incan civilizations. Students will be assessed on their participation in this activity, and skits will be performed on Thursday and Friday.

Week 3: April 22-26

Language Arts: Students will be writing odes to different parts of the English language that we have been learning for the past several weeks. Categories include punctuation, parts of speech, and figures of speech. The ode final draft (summative grade) is due Friday, April 26 on Google Classroom.

Social Studies: Students will be completing the China pages of their Timebooks, which are due Friday, April 26. We are also starting the Americas unit, and students will be turning in their Americas map on Thursday, April 25.

Week 2: April 15-19

Language Arts: Students will be taking the State Test for Language Arts (Performance Task) on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is the short answer and essay portion of the test. I will be out Monday and Thursday, and students will completing a Figures of Speech Chart with the substitute, which will be due Monday, April 22, after we review it in class.

Social Studies: Students will be learning Chinese inventions this week. There is a Chinese Inventions Packet they will complete during class and turn in on Friday, April 19.

Quarter 4, Week 1: April 8-12

No School on Monday, April 8 for Teacher Planning Day

Language Arts: Students will be completing the Oregon Statewide Assessment System (OSAS) in the next two weeks, April 9-19. During this time, I am not assigning homework or projects so that students can focus their energy on testing. I am encouraging students to bring headphones and a silent reading book to class during this testing period. Thank you!

Social Studies: Students will be learning about the governments, dynasties and society of China from 600-1300 C.E. They will complete a China Government Packet (yellow) that is due on Friday, April 12.