Week 10: April 1-5

The last day to turn in ALL late work for Quarter 3 is Friday, April 5 by 4:00 p.m. Thank you!

We had a great celebration on Friday, March 22 where we watched the Novel Project movie trailers and played the game boards created by our inventive students! Novel Project grades will be entered by the end of Spring Break. Once again, thank you for all of the support at home–these projects are quite impressive! 🙂

Language Arts: Students are reviewing parts of speech this week as part of our Bernstein systems unit!

Social Studies: We are starting our China unit by studying the Great Wall of China and China’s geography. Great Wall of China Tour Questions on Google Classroom due Tuesday, April 2, and China Map due Thursday, April 4. These assignments will be the first assignments for Quarter 4 grades.

Week 9: March 18-22

Note: The last day of 3rd Quarter is Friday, April 5. ALL late work will be due on that day by 4:00 p.m.

Language Arts: Students are learning about a system of the English language for our Bernstein unit, which is punctuation. We will focus our attention on using commas, based on students’ writing needs. Students will also turn in the final drafts of their Novel Projects on Friday, March 22. That will be our day of sharing and celebration!

Social Studies: Students will be working on critical thinking skills in reading news articles. They will turn in their findings on an article using the Seesaw website on Wednesday, March 20.

Student Links for March 18-22

For Language Arts: We are studying how to use commas correctly! Click the link below to learn and take notes on some comma rules.


For Social Studies: We are working on critical reading skills with every day news articles. Click the link below to go to the activity.


  1. Click on Sign In (upper right hand corner)
  2. Click on I’m a Student
  3. Click on Sign in with Google

    Type in or copy/paste the code–

    Green Class: ULXV AFNU

    Blue Class: ANWU MCPU

  4. Click on Activity
  5. Read the article that is linked
  6. Choose a way to show your understanding–include all parts!
  7. Submit! (This assignment is for a Social Studies grade).




Week 8: March 11-15

Anti-Bullying Week: Students will learn lessons Tuesday through Friday once a day in a different content area class.

Language Arts: Students will work on the Bernstein Unit on systems, leading to lessons on systems in the English language. Students will also continue to work on Novel Projects in class and at home. The last checkpoint is on Thursday, March 14: 75% of the Novel Project should be complete. The final Novel Project for a summative grade is due Friday, March 22.

Social Studies: Students will work on their summative project for the Japan Unit by completing their Timebooks in class. Japan Timebook pages are due Friday, March 15.

Week 7: March 4-8

Language Arts: Students have been working on their Novel Projects, and should be halfway done by Thursday, March 7. Final Novel Project is due Friday, March 22nd! Please be asking about this project at home because some work will need to be done outside of school. Thank you!

Social Studies: Students are learning about the culture of Japan’s Golden Age, and writing a first-person diary as a nobleperson during the Heian Period. They will also be learning about the Warrior Class Government this week.