For Students: Japan’s Golden Age Video and Diary Assignment

Golden Age Video

Students: Watch the video link above, making sure to read parts of the diary at the end of the video.

When finished, it time to write your own Golden Age diary in your spiral!


  • A title and date in the 10th century
  • At least 12-15 sentences
  • At least FOUR aspects of Japanese culture (please underline key words!)
  • Must be in the first person (using “I,” “me,” “myself”)
  • Remember, you are a noble!



Week 6: February 25-March 1


Cultural Day at Jackson is on Wednesday, February 27!

Language Arts: We will review and turn in the “I Have a Dream” Assignment in class. Students will also be working more on their Novel Projects, and we will start a Bernstein Unit on the systems of language, including conventions!

Social Studies: We will review and turn in the Nelson Mandela Assignment in class. Students will also complete their Japanese Golden Age stations, and turn in their station packets. Students will have a World News Report due Friday, March 1.


Week 5: February 18-22

No School on Monday, February 18 (Presidents’ Day)

Note: Progress Reports on Tuesday, February 26 (ALL late work due by 4 p.m.)

Language Arts: After finishing their Biography Posters (due Wednesday, 2/20), students will work on analyzing and understanding more deeply excerpts of Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream Speech.”

Social Studies: Students will rotate through eight stations that represent different cultural aspects of Japan’s Heian Period. Later in the week, students will learn about Nelson Mandela through an excerpt of his autobiography.

Week 4: February 11-15

Language Arts: Students will be working in peer editing partners to polish their biography final drafts. Biography final drafts are due Tuesday, February 12. After Tuesday, we will be creating fun posters to display the people who inspired our biographies!

Social Studies: Now that we have concluded our Africa Unit, we are now beginning Feudal Japan. Students started last week with Feudal Japan maps, which we will finish and turn in on Monday, February 11. Then, students will learn about the influence of surrounding countries on Japan’s culture. This Japan Packet will be due Friday, February 15.


Week 3: February 4-8

Language Arts: Students will be revising and editing their Biography papers all week. Biography Final Drafts due Friday, February 8. I am also introducing the Novel Project options on Monday. Students choose the book (must be recent and challenging) and the project. Students will have some time in class to work on these projects, but the expectation is that some of it is also completed outside of class. Novel Projects are due Friday, March 22, with checkpoints in the following 6 weeks. We will be doing backwards planning tomorrow in their planners for these checkpoints, working back from the due date in March.

Social Studies: Students will be working on their summative Timebook project in class to demonstrate what they have learned about West African kingdoms during the Middle Ages. African Timebook pages are due Wednesday, February 6.