Week 2: January 28-February 1

Language Arts: Students will be completing the winter session for easyCBM this week, and also working on their Biography rough drafts in class. Rough Drafts are due Friday, February 1st on Google Classroom.

Social Studies: Students will participate in a role play simulating the gold/salt trade of West Africa. They will also start in class their African Timebook page, which is due Wednesday, February 6th.

3rd Quarter, Week 1: January 23-25

Language Arts: Students will be working in class all three days on the graphic organizer for their Biography essays. The graphic organizer (yellow sheet) will be due on Friday, January 25. 

Social Studies: Students will be learning about African culture for the next three days and finishing up a packet in class. African Culture packet (blue) due Thursday, January 24.

Week 9: January 14-18


Language Arts: Students are finishing up their Biography Research to submit on Google Classroom by Wednesday, January 16. Then students will begin their graphic organizers to write their papers!

Social Studies: Students are completing their African Kingdoms Powerpoint Notes (green packet) to turn in Tuesday, January 15. Then we will look more at the spread of Islam in Africa and African culture.




Week 8: January 7-11

ALL LATE WORK for 2nd Quarter due Friday, January 18 by 4:00 p.m.!!!

Language Arts: Students will have this week to research their person for the Biography paper. They must construct a table in their Google Drive that includes 3 sources, 8-10 quotes pulled from the texts, and their own paraphrased information. At the bottom of the table, students need to list all 3 sources in MLA format. When it is completely done, students submit on Google Classroom. There is a TABLE EXAMPLE on Google Classroom, as well. This research table is due Monday, January 14. 

Reading Log #4 is due on Google Classroom on Friday, January 11!

Social Studies: We are going more in-depth this week with studying the West African kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai during the Middle Ages. Students will be taking notes in class and turn in this green packet on Thursday, January 10.

Week 7: January 2-4

Happy 2019! It is a short week back, but pretty busy!

Language Arts: We will begin our Biography Research paper with an introduction to the paper, and going to the library on Thursday and Friday. There, we will learn how do MLA style citations and taking notes for both quotes and paraphrasing. We will work on researching in class, with the research being due on Google Classroom on Monday, January 14.

Reminder: Reading Log #4 is due Friday, January 11!

Social Studies: We will focus on the kingdoms of Ghana, Mali, and Songhai, with a reading about the rise and fall of these kingdoms, as well as the spread of Islam in Africa. The African kingdoms reading will be done in class, and is due Friday, January 4.