Week 5: December 3-7

ALL late work and regrades are due by Tuesday, December 4 by 4 p.m. for Progress Reports. Thank you!

Our classes will be going on the CTE (Career and Technical Education) Science field trips this week Tuesday, December 4 through Thursday, December 6 from 9:15 a.m.-1:30 p.m. each day. I’ll be going to the 24 Knots location!

Language Arts: Students will be reading Chapters 20-27 of I am Malala. The entire Malala packet will be due Friday, December 14 before winter break.

Social Studies: We are starting our West African kingdoms unit. World News Report #3 is due Friday, December 7 (in class/at home). African kingdom map (in class) is due Wednesday, December 12. 

Link to African Kingdoms Map to help students with this week’s assignment:

African Kingdoms Map


Week 4: November 26-30


Chaperones are needed for our CTE (Makers) Field Trip on December 4-6 for our group of 7th grade Science students. We will need you from 9 a.m. until around 1:30 p.m., ideally for all three days if possible. You would go to the science location that your child will be going to. Please let Mr. C. know if you are interested in chaperoning by emailing him at kevinc@pps.net.

Thank you so much!–Kirsten

Language Arts: Students are reading I am Malala Chapters 11-19 in class. The rest of the their packet will be due on Friday, December 14th. This is an in-class assignment, but students can also work on it at home.

Social Studies: Students are completing their Timebook pages on the Middle East unit. This is their summative project, and it will be due Friday, November 30. Students are working on it in class, but may take it home as well. They must complete 3 options from the checklist on their bright blue Timebook packets (also located on Google Classroom). All of their work is either hand drawn or in Google Classroom.

Our Narrative Anthology!

I am so proud of the students’ writing for our class narrative anthology! Every student has a story in our book, after working so hard for three weeks. Thank you to families for supporting and helping their child’s writing at home. I hope this is a book they will keep for many years to come!


Kirsten 🙂

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Week 3: November 12-16

No School on Monday, November 12 for Veterans Day

Language Arts: This week, students will be continuing their reading of I am Malala in class, and completing Chapters 1-10. The I am Malala packet is due Friday, November 16, with pages for Chapters 1-10 completed (in class).

Social Studies: Students are working in class on group skits to portray different perspectives of the Crusades. They will conduct research for accuracy, and will perform their skits on Thursday, November 15. They will also turn in a chart that analyzes the different perspectives. Crusades skit and chart due Thursday, November 15 (in class).

Week 2: November 5-9

Language Arts: Students will start the I am Malala unit by working in literature circles on Chapters 1-5 this week. Their focus will be on comprehension, vocabulary, and making connections to the text. Reading Log #3 is due Friday, November 9th (can be any book of the student’s choice that is of interest and at least a bit challenging).

Social Studies: Students will learn about Muslim contributions and different perspectives of the Crusades. They will complete a scavenger hunt packet on Muslim contributions, and a group activity for the Crusades. All activities and work will be done in class.