Quarter 2, Week 1: October 29-November 2

Monday, October 29: NO SCHOOL for Teacher Planning Day

Language Arts: Students are reading “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury, then we are beginning our I am Malala unit. Students have been assigned Reading Log #3, and need to complete reading minutes at home, along with typing two responses into Google Classroom. Reading Log #3 is due Friday, November 9 (at home).

Social Studies: Students are learning the history of Islam and the Islamic empire of the 700-1300s. On Friday, October 26, they turned in a pink packet of the Five Pillars of Islam, and on Friday, November 2, they will turn in a yellow packet of the history of Islam. Both assignments are being completed in class.

Week 8: October 22-26

Please check Synergy! All late work and regrades for Quarter 1 are due Friday, October 26 by 4 p.m.

Thank you!

Language Arts: Students are completing their summative assignment for “The Lottery,” which is an in-class short answer essay question. Later in the week, we will start learning background information on Malala Yousafzai to prepare for our next unit featuring the book, I am Malala.

Social Studies: We are studying the Five Pillars of Islam, as well as the history of Islam. There will be two packets students will complete this week for formative daily work grades.

Also…I will be bringing treats for my birthday on

Wednesday, October 24th! 🙂


Week 7: October 15-19

Language Arts: Students will continue their analysis of “The Lottery” by examining theme, quotes, foreshadowing, and irony. This work will be done in class, and their work will be checked after each skill set.

Social Studies: Students will start the unit on the Middle East during the Middle Ages. We will start with an overview this week, and how the political geography has changed through the centuries. They will also study the geography of the Middle East today.

Due Dates:

  • Summative Timebook pages for Medieval Europe due Monday, October 15 (we have worked on this in class, and now it is to be finished at home)

  • World News Report #2 due Friday, October 19 (to be completed at home)

  • Both of these assignments are located on Google Classroom!



Week 6: October 8-12

Monday, October 8: 7th Grade Field Trip to the Gorge

Friday, October 12: No School (Inservice Day)

Language Arts: Students will continue to analyze the short story, “The Lottery,” by Shirley Jackson. This week the focus will be on theme. I am also taking overdue Reading Log #2 (to be completed at home). Please check Synergy to see if it has been turned in.

Social Studies: Students will complete their summative assessment project, their Timebook pages, for the Medieval Europe Unit. See Timebook menu option on this website for Timebook requirements and grading. All information that students are typing should be done in Google Classroom. Timebook pages for Medieval Europe are due Thursday, October 11 (worked on in class). Students can also turn in Timebook pages on Monday, October 15, but no more class time will be used to complete the pages.