Week 4: September 17-21

Language Arts: Students will be completing the easyCBM test this week, which gives a snapshot of students’ skills in reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Student link to easyCBM (done at school): https://pps-or.easycbm.com/ 

Students will be working on their narrative rough drafts in class all week on Google Classroom. I will check on Friday, September 21 if they have a solid start for next week’s revising.

To help at home, look at the story with your child and you can focus on the following:

  • Are the people, place and objects described in detail? Can the reader picture everything clearly?
  • Are there places where dialogue or thoughts can be inserted?
  • Are specific and/or creative words used to help paint a vivid story?

Narrative Final Drafts will be due Friday, September 28th.

Social Studies: We are starting Medieval Europe on Tuesday, learning about feudalism, and even doing a role play! We will also be reading, taking notes, and having conversations about life in medieval towns. All work will be in class this week.


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