Week 2: September 4-7

This weekend (September 8-9), students should be:

  • Finishing/revising/editing their 5 item paragraphs on Google Classroom.      (due 9/10)
  • Reading for their Reading Log assignment, and starting their two responses on Google Classroom. (due 9/14)

  • Social Studies: Summarizing a Newsela article about the pros and cons of video games, also writing about the different perspectives (including their own!)–World News Report #1 due Friday, September 7 on Google Classroom


  • Language Arts: Writing descriptive paragraphs about each of their 5 personal items–Artifact Assignment 5 paragraphs  due Monday, September 10 on Google Classroom, students bring their items to share on that date as well


  • Language Arts: Starting their Reading Log #1 Assignment on Tuesday night. Students are to read 240 minutes by September 14, and get a parent signature. Silent reading minutes in class can be used towards the reading log, with a “Parrott” stamp. 🙂  Responses to TWO of the Reading Log questions are to be submitted on Google Classroom.

Even though the only actual homework is the Reading Log, students can work on Google Classroom on any of these assignments at home at any time.

Have a great week! –Kirsten





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