Week 5: October 1-5

This weekend (September 29-30), students need to…

1) Complete Reading Log #2 packet and two responses on Google Classroom

2) Revise, edit and submit narrative final draft on Google Classroom

Language Arts: Students are reading and analyzing the short story “The Lottery” by Shirley Jackson. This week we are focusing on vocabulary and theme.

Reading Log #2 is due Friday, October 5 (at home).

Social Studies: Students are completing their summative assessment for Medieval Europe by constructing two Timebook pages in class, following a checklist of requirements. This assessment will be due Thursday, October 11. To see more information on this assignment, including the checklist and rubric, please see the Timebook menu option of this website.

Week 5: September 24-28

Language Arts: All week we will be focused on revising and editing our narratives! We even have some parents coming in to help engage small groups of students in conversations about their writing. THANK YOU to those parents who have volunteered, and if you are interested to come in this week, please email me at kparrott@pps.net. I am also teaching mini-lessons on some of the more problematic revising issues we need to work on!

ALL late work and regrades due on Tuesday, September 25 by 4:00 p.m. for Progress Reports!

Narrative Final Drafts due Friday, September 28! We are working on this in class, but work at home is very helpful! See example questions to ask your child about in Week 4’s post.

Social Studies: This week we are finishing up our study of life in medieval towns, then discussing the Magna Carta and Black Death. We will be completing notes and activities on these subjects in class.


Week 4: September 17-21

Language Arts: Students will be completing the easyCBM test this week, which gives a snapshot of students’ skills in reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Student link to easyCBM (done at school): https://pps-or.easycbm.com/ 

Students will be working on their narrative rough drafts in class all week on Google Classroom. I will check on Friday, September 21 if they have a solid start for next week’s revising.

To help at home, look at the story with your child and you can focus on the following:

  • Are the people, place and objects described in detail? Can the reader picture everything clearly?
  • Are there places where dialogue or thoughts can be inserted?
  • Are specific and/or creative words used to help paint a vivid story?

Narrative Final Drafts will be due Friday, September 28th.

Social Studies: We are starting Medieval Europe on Tuesday, learning about feudalism, and even doing a role play! We will also be reading, taking notes, and having conversations about life in medieval towns. All work will be in class this week.


Week 3: September 10-14

I loved meeting so many of you at Back to School night yesterday! I know the evening can be a whirlwind, so if you have any questions, please feel free to email me kparrott@pps.net at any time.

This weekend (September 15-16), students should be doing two things:

  1. Completing their Reading Log minutes and two response questions on Google Classroom (if they haven’t done so already). If their bright green Reading Log packet is nowhere to be seen, there is an attachment of it on Google Classroom!
  2. Narrowing down their narrative idea to just ONE idea! The story must be true, involve them directly, and be focused on one event (for example, one thing that happened in Hawaii instead of the entire vacation!). To give you an idea, there is an example of the beginning of my narrative on the Google Classroom assignment attachment.

Language Arts: We are sharing our 5 items from home on Monday, Sept. 10, then we are spending the rest of the week starting our brainstorming and drafting for our narratives! At home: Students should be continuing to read so that they have a total of 3 hours reading at home (time will be spent in class as well). Reading Log #1 (bright yellow-green packet) is due Friday, September 14. This includes submitting at total of two responses on Google Classroom (questions to choose from for responses in the packet). 

Social Studies: In class, we will be examining the legacy of the Roman Empire. Students will have formative assessments in class based on the notes they take in their spirals.

Look forward to seeing everyone Thursday at 6:30 p.m. for Back to School Night! 🙂 —-Kirsten


Week 2: September 4-7

This weekend (September 8-9), students should be:

  • Finishing/revising/editing their 5 item paragraphs on Google Classroom.      (due 9/10)
  • Reading for their Reading Log assignment, and starting their two responses on Google Classroom. (due 9/14)

  • Social Studies: Summarizing a Newsela article about the pros and cons of video games, also writing about the different perspectives (including their own!)–World News Report #1 due Friday, September 7 on Google Classroom


  • Language Arts: Writing descriptive paragraphs about each of their 5 personal items–Artifact Assignment 5 paragraphs  due Monday, September 10 on Google Classroom, students bring their items to share on that date as well


  • Language Arts: Starting their Reading Log #1 Assignment on Tuesday night. Students are to read 240 minutes by September 14, and get a parent signature. Silent reading minutes in class can be used towards the reading log, with a “Parrott” stamp. 🙂  Responses to TWO of the Reading Log questions are to be submitted on Google Classroom.

Even though the only actual homework is the Reading Log, students can work on Google Classroom on any of these assignments at home at any time.

Have a great week! –Kirsten