Welcome back to school!

This is definitely a year of new beginnings! I am thrilled to start my first year at Jackson Middle School, although it is my 18th year of teaching. Without a doubt, I have already met many new people, discovered several unchartered parts of the building, and just begun to get to know Jackson and its community. My goals coming to Jackson were to set new challenges for myself and always keep learning. These are the same goals I would like to pass on and instill in my students this year. I look forward to helping them reach whatever objectives we set out to meet, then go beyond.

Plan on seeing our objectives here at the beginning of each week, which means posting of classroom activities and assignments for both Language Arts and Social Studies. Our first week will include:

  • community building activities
  • going over the yellow parent letter/packet (parent contact sheet due Aug. 31)
  • setting up spirals
  • discussing our reading preferences
  • examining a news article

I am thrilled to work with your children this year, and look forward to meeting all of you soon.

Thank you for welcoming me into your lovely community!


Kirsten Parrott