Renaissance Video Posted!

Hi, everyone! This is Video #17, which gives a very brief overview of the Renaissance. The video is designed to help with the menu options for the Renaissance Timebook.

Both the Renaissance and Reformation Timebook options are due Friday, June 5th. 

There will be a Reformation video on Wednesday, June 3rd.

ALL late work is due Monday, June 8th by 4 p.m. 



“The Veldt” Lesson Video!

Below is my video with questions to help guide you as you are reading “The Veldt” by Ray Bradbury. At the end of the video are also some reminders as we enter the last two weeks of school!


  • I am grading Persuasive Papers this week!
  • ALL late work, including Persuasive Papers, can be turned in through June 8th
  • Last two assignments for the school year (due June 5th):
    • “The Veldt” Questions
    • Renaissance and Reformation Timebook



Get to know our next author: Ray Bradbury!

Ray Bradbury wrote “The Veldt” in 1950. Before reading the story in the upcoming weeks, do the following:

  1. Watch the short YouTube video.
  2. Click and read through the Prezi presentation (there is also a short video in it!).

This will help give you a little information into Ray Bradbury’s message in the story, “The Veldt.”

“The Veldt” story and questions will be posted on Google Classroom on Monday, May 18th!

YouTube video:

Prezi presentation/video:

Video #13 is here!

Video #13 reviews the parts of the Persuasive Research and Essay assignment, and then focuses on the requirements of the rebuttal paragraph. If you are having any difficulty with finding sources or writing your paper, please contact me at!


Medieval Europe Lesson!

The lesson below on Medieval Europe should help with understanding the Black Death, The Hundred Years’ War, and the Great Schism. It isn’t graded, but going through the lesson and interacting with the questions should help you get a better sense of the events and their impact during the Middle Ages. We will discuss it during Office Hours this Thursday, April 30!

Medieval Europe Lesson